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The VSSA PTA would like to thank the following families for joining our PTA and helping us enrich the lives of our  students!

Please keep the payments coming!


Actis-Lynch Family
Adams Family
Adelman Family
Andrie Family
Aksoy/Bogatova Family
Arrigoni Family
Barr Family
Bell Family
Berlanti Family
Birtwhistle Family
Black Family
Bolton Family
Borders Family
Boyes Family
Brandt Family
Braun Family
Brown Family
Bruce Family
Burns Family
Cavataio Family
Clubine Family
Conley Family
Cope Family

Diemar Family
Douglas Family
Edelmann Family
Eisenman Family
Epifanio Family
Fallon Family
Fancher Family
Ganley Family
Gile Family
Gore Famiy
Griffith Family
Grimmer Family
Haerter Family
Hale Family
Hall Family
Heller Family
Higgins Family
Hill Family
Holm Family
Hopkins Family
Johnson Family

Kohlhofer Family
LaBaugh Family
Lathram Family
Lawton Family
Leonard Family
Leseur Family
Lisle Family
Lundstrom Family
Malboeuf Family
Marley Family
Martin Family
McSpadden Family
Milligan Family
Mueller Family
Negomir Family
Ogden Family
Packer Family
Palmiter Family
Peterson Family
Roach Family
Rogers Family

Roberts Family
Rosener Family
Salani Family
Schmeidt Family
Schmidt Family
Seabury Family
Shambarger Family
Shonk Family
Smith Family
Soulakis Famiy
Strauch Family
Strickler Family
Sullivan Family
Telles Family
Thayer Family
Thomas Family
Trueblood Family
Viola Family
White Family