2018-2019 School Calendar Rationale


Dear Parents,

VSSA is excited to present the 2018-2019 school calendar. This calendar was approved last week by the Board of Education.  This calendar has been a collaboration between VSSA and SSCV and continues to be designed with the best intentions to meet the needs of student learning and athletics. I’ve worked with PTA, school accountability, teachers, and the Principal Leadership students to solicit feedback and I wanted to provide you a rationale on slight changes to next year’s format.

The calendar for 2018-19:

  • Maintains the idea of periodization to provide monthly breaks for athletes to participate in championships and competitions, or to rest and catch up on academics.
  • Better mirrors the Eagle County School district calendar for families with children in VSSA and other ECS schools. This also allows for teachers to participate in District teacher trainings.
  • School starts one week later to accommodate travel for southern hemisphere camps and enjoy summer.
  • Maintains a short September and October break. The October break coincides with the beginning of training at local mountains.
  • Maintains a week at Thanksgiving but allows two days out of school for Birds of Prey course work.
  • Maintains a week off in the winter/spring but removes the January and May weeks off. By removing the January and May we provide 5 weeks of instruction between periodic breaks.  By removing the May break teachers have more time to prep for AP exams in May.
  • Aligns to the ECS districts last day of school.
  • VSSA will explore providing Academic Coaches during the weeks off for students to access academic help.


Thanks to all the groups that provided input and thinking to next year’s calendar.